Friday, 3 August 2018

Double Trouble 4 thoughts


As you may remember, not too long ago I attended an unusual 40K tournament called Double Trouble 3, and that it was a blast. It was a 3 game doubles tournament where each round your partner was randomly selected, giving you 3 different partners and 6 different opponents, all things being well. (Reports from my battles can be found here, here and here.) Well, looks like I'm going to do it all again at Double Trouble 4!

If you haven't already heard or clicked the link above, the format and venue is exactly the same, 875 points per player, 3 games with random partner and opponents, at Element Games. The event will be held on Saturday the 1st of September - so it's getting pretty close! There are however still plenty of tickets available at the time of writing, hint hint. The event will be run by Alex Brown of the From the Fang blog, and if you follow that link, you will probably find out that it is likely to be the last event he runs, so if you think you might like the format and are available to attend, I strongly suggest getting your ticket and going before you lose the chance!

So obviously, with the event approaching, I've got the decide what to take. The recently painted Gorkanaut is making Orks a tempting choice, but I'm not sure about taking a non-codex army. Still an option, and there is an outside chance the Codex will drop in the next 3 weeks (he said unconvincingly). I took the Tyranids last time, I they did pretty well, but for sake of variety I think they will stay at home. This leaves 3 remaining options. Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Knights, or Chaos Space Marines.

This is the Ryza force I took to Double Trouble 1, way back in 7th edition. The fact that I have taken them before puts me off a bit, but it was about 2 years ago so it barely counts. I think if I were to take them, the force would look a bit different, probably a battalion with Dominus, Enginseer, 2 cheap units of Skitarii, some shooty robots and as many plasma toting Kataphron Destroyers as I could fit in. It would not be fast or particularly tough, but it would be brutal for exactly one shooting phase per game, when I spent 3 command points on Elimination Volley and Plasma Specialists, assuming they don't all die first. I'm not sold on the idea, but they are orange, which counts for something.

Option 2, the Knights of House Taranis. Not much variation possible in the build for this one - the army would look pretty much like this. I might be able to squeeze in a Crusader, but I've not done the maths on that. Obviously I love these guys, and I think they would do well, both in the games and possibly the painting competition (I think I'd enter the battle damaged Armiger, maybe?) However I suspect I'll see several pretty similar detachments cropping up for DT4, so it might not be a very original choice.

The final choice then is the Alpha Legion warband known as the Fractured Truth. Not my prettiest army, but still quite striking I think. I'm not quite sure what I'd take, but I think in the name of coolness I'd have to fit the two-headed Heldrake in there. It's fair to assume there would also be a sizable unit of Cultists and probably some plasma-toting marines in Rhinos. Throw in a couple of HQs and we're pretty much there. Another option would be to go heavy on dreads with the Helbrutes and/or Contemptors. I'm actually leaning towards this option for the ability to have a bit of variety in the force and take advantage of some actual mobility and play for objectives rather than just killing stuff.

Anyway, I'm undecided. Feel free to shout suggestions to me in the comments. Also, if you can, please consider heading over to Stockport on September the 1st for Double Trouble 4. It'll be really fun!


  1. I'll be going Knights, but will probably take my Lancer and be short 40pts cos I can't fit anything else in for those points. A Lancer and 2 Warglaives seems like a cool setup with all of them moving 14", in your face pretty quick.

    1. Also take whatever you will be most comfortable with, plus what looks the best. I will be entering the Lancer in the Monster/Machine category.

    2. A lancer in the face does sound pretty scary, especially if you have a big tasty target for it.